Do you already have a seller account at an one of the e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon or TrueGether? or Are you planning to take your existing business online? With the rise in the online customer base there are many sellers who want to reap the benefits of e-commerce marketing. While serving customers online have significant benefits there are some dark sides as well.

Let us checkout the top 5 issues that a seller might think of while selling products at an e-commerce marketplaces.

  • No Gatekeeping/ Brand Authorisation Policy

The e-Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon have multiple sellers who wants to sell the same products like you do. Some e-commerce sites do not have brand authorisation policy and it is an everyday task for brand-registered sellers to remove the names of other sellers who post the same products as theirs on the e-commerce platform. This is an wastage of time and energy both on the part of the seller and the e-commerce marketplace.

  • Extreme Competition

The increasing number of customers on popular e-commerce sites just do not attract the buyers but also the sellers. There is no dearth of products and listings on these sites. Most of the buyers go by the price and discounts of the products and not by its quality. So if you have the same product like another seller but with a higher price due to better quality, the waiting time for the product to get sold might increase.

  • Negative Reviews

Even when the product gets sold, there is scope of getting negative feedback and reviews. Even if the seller is not responsible for some issues related to the shipment of the product the review might be against the product. This kind of negative feedback aggressively affects the reputation of the seller and the chances of selling the products in future reduces.

Besides the negative feedback, the customers can even ask for a refund which hurts the sellers financially and also in terms of time and resource which was invested to get the product delivered.

  • Fake Payments

Cyber crime has easily crept into the e-commerce marketplaces. Sometimes customers are found to make payments from false PayPal  accounts. There even have been scenarios where customers have claimed a refund without returning the product or have refused to make payment for the purchase.

  • Challenging Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is another issue when selling on e-commerce sites. It is easier to maintain one storefront than multiple online stores. Sellers also might face the issue of allocating the right number of products to the e-commerce sites. The sales traffic might be more at the beginning of the month at one site while the other e-commerce site have more sales potential at the end of the month. So sellers have to continuously keep a track about how their products are performing at each site and allocate the products accordingly.

Last but not the least; the e-commerce sites are extremely flexible to the buyers’ demand than to the sellers. The seller helplines are always not very cooperative which increases the hassle of the sellers in selling their products on e-commerce sites.


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