Chrissy Teigen got into a very meaty discussion with some of her vegan and vegetarian followers this week after the model tweeted about her bacon preferences.

Some of her fans apparently didn’t realize she eats meat, although the 32-year-old regularly posts photos of her meals ― and basically dedicated her “Cravings” cookbook to pork.

This bacon tweet on Tuesday sure greased out some of those non-meat eating followers:

Some Twitter users wondered why Teigen ate meat at all.

“They’re better alive,” one user said. “Why can’t they be a breed of dog so ppl would care?”

To be fair, that user basically set up Teigen’s reply:

Things got even more interesting when a YouTuber named Kalel joined the discussion.

“If you had to watch their faces as they were about to be slaughtered you might gain a fresh perspective. These little babies deserve to be more than bacon,” she said.

When another person tweeted that the pigs also deserved to be ham, pork chops and ribs, Kalel went off.

And the situation just grew more heated when Teigen answered:

Teigen called some of the people in her mentions “entitled” and then pointed out that her husband ate wings off her body for her cookbook:

It appears she also blocked Kalel, according to one of Kalel’s tweets about the exchange:

The debate will likely continue once Teigen’s next cookbook comes out.


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