There’s a photo of Donald Trump from last weekend that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s from the Easter service in Palm Beach, where he’s standing between Tiffany and his wife, Melania, an odd sight for sure. I assume Melania is saying, “Do you two know each other?” But that’s not even the compelling part.

The really compelling part is that his pant legs are enormous. They’re each roughly the circumference of a healthy toddler’s head. They could fit comfortably around The Rock’s thighs—an image no one wanted to consider, but in the name of this investigation, we must. The angle of the photo makes it even more dramatic, with the grass hiding the president’s feet, shortening his overall frame and terminating his body at a wide point. Even so, those hems do not lie.

Per widely accepted lore, Trump buys expensive suits, but doesn’t have them tailored to fit his body. In 2004’s Trump: Think Like a Billionaire, “he” wrote, “I wear Brioni suits, which I buy off the rack.” Hope Hicks once confirmed that he bought Brioni suits and also wore Martin Greenfield Clothiers. Both are companies willing and able to set a man back many thousands of dollars, and yet the bagginess of it all gives the look a discount feel.

One may be able to distill an entire worldview from a self-professed billionaire’schoice to forego tailoring an expensive suit, but I’m wondering if there’s something far more nefarious afoot—something that, if proven, could impact the course of this American experiment forever: are the president’s pant legs getting wider?

Here are his relatively slim pant legs at inauguration:

Here they are this past February:

Here’s a tapered pair in his first week of his first term:

Trump walks to the West Wing of the White House after returning from a trip to Philadelphia on January 26, 2017.
Trump walks to the West Wing of the White House after returning from a trip to Philadelphia on January 26, 2017. By Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images.

Here they are on St. Patrick’s Day:

Photos here are taken from the side are supposed to be the wider angle compared to the front view, according to the Law of Center-Creased Trousers. But the photos from Easter and St. Patrick’s Day were taken from the front. Inconclusive, but curious. Very curious.

An in-depth image search reveals that the last time he wore nearly well-fitting pants was sometime in 2003.


And the last time his pant legs were not perfect, but reasonably proportioned, was over the summer.


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