There are many of people how love to traveling & riding to visit at the new place. Many of people feels traveling & bike riding is one of the best way for us to come out from the rush full life or street full life to make enjoy our mind & soul both. But we seen many of time due to less time for luggage packaging, we going to forget many of essential things which is must to have during the traveling & bike trip with you like many of small thing such at soap which require during washing of hand & any other thing.


Since we felt luggage is one if important factory for any traveler, so we help you with checklist for leh ladakh bike trip. Make sure you going to carry list of thing which is mention below in the checklist.

Checklist for Leh Ladakh Bike Trip -


  • Carry original & 2 copies of your identity proof ( Aadhar card, PAN card, Election card etc.)
  • Small personal diary & one pen to jot down any of helpful information during bike trip like a contact number, an address & any traveling idea.
  • You have bike for trip then must carry bag locks with you.
  • Buy one battery torchlight for the some of offbeat place like Leh Pangong where most of time electricity is not available after the 10 O’clock.
  • For personal use Handkerchief plus Hand Towel.
  • Buy multi pug for remote area where you get limited power supply point.
  • Plastic bag for any user clothes & help to carry wet thing in the plastic bag.
  • Small things like – Safety pins, Sun goggle, Sun protected cap, Lip care balm etc.
  • Buy one pair of Slipper with you shoe pair which give you very relax at the end of the day.
  • Keep Mobile charger, Camera charger & other electrical gadgets charger.
  • Label your bag which help you to identify your luggage when you with group of people.
  • A small handbag to carry essential like snacks, drinking water bottle, Camera, any ongoing medicine & other requirement thing during the traveling.
  • Buy some snacks for traveling like chocolate, chips & wafers, dry fruits, mouths freshener, chewing gums, water bottle etc.
  • Carry personal care essential thing like tooth brush, tooth paste, hand wash, hair oil, tissue paper, face wash, cold cream or moisturizing cream, lip care balm, comb, mirror if require, body talc, few shampoo sachets or small shampoo bottle etc.
  • Must have First-Aid with you as per you requirement such as pain relief spray, pain killer tablet, medicine for mind fever, an antiseptic like Dettol or Savlon, dressing bandage or cotton bandage etc.
  • Carry only post paid connection which is work in leh ladakh.
  • Carry your require clothes as per weather season like rain coat for rain protection, warm clothes to get protection from low degree weather etc.
  • Your Biker jacket, helmet, hand gulps & other protection accessories etc.

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