The human is at the heart of the problems of campaigns of automated email campaigns and emailing on social networks. How to optimize the key factors of success and the ROI of each other? As per ENTREPRENEURYORK.

Automated email campaigns, the panacea? What are their key success factors?

There are several kinds of automated email campaigns. Most of the time these are used to send so-called transactional messages, which for example follow an order or registration. They are triggered automatically to conform to the recipient that his transaction has worked well. It may also be ordered tracking messages to inform the customer that his order is being prepared or being delivered.

These informative messages have exceptional opening rates and the advertiser can take the opportunity to provide additional information on its services or products with a probability of being read high.

Automated campaigns can quickly respond to your customers’ actions while having the right message for them. Thus, it is possible to send the right message at the right time.

Several types of commercial messages and email campaigns can be triggered automatically such as birthday emails offering a special offer or discount.

Among the information that can be used to trigger the sending of an email is a customer’s purchase history, basket abandonment or the time elapsed since the last purchase.

From a strategic point of view, it is interesting to provide a series of emails, such as welcome message series that reduce the rate of unsubscription and contribute to good basic hygiene, product recommendations to boost certain products and use the voice of consumers.

Finally, how to optimize the ROI of social networks using email campaigns?

It is important to create bridges between the different communication channels and this is also true for social networks and email marketing.

In addition to incorporating likes on the newsletter, it is important to allow email recipients to share relevant content with their network. To do this, you only need to integrate sharing links for each of the sections to display these sections on the Facebook wall, for example.

Moreover, it is also interesting to be able to integrate consumer content into emails. For advertisers with product recommendation tools, presenting a series of products that have received the highest ratings from consumers in an email campaign is an undeniable advantage and the orders for the products presented are boosted.


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