The advancement in technology makes the lives of ordinary people more comfortable and more productive. But some wrongdoers do not get this and use the technological means to create problems in the lives of others. Nowadays, the social media platforms are used so extensively by people of all ages that it has almost become impossible to keep them separated for long. From posting statuses to posting pictures of each moment of their life, people make extensive use of social media sites. Though it has many positive aspects of it, some people have made these platforms a medium to bully others publicly as these sites are a broad network of communication amongst all parts of the world. These people think that by showing their ‘bullying’ side to the world, they become more famous, but it’s high time they understand that bullying someone is not ‘cool.’

Why and how are these ‘trolls’ targeted to the victims?

It is evident that the modes of networking have grown a lot in the last few years. And a more extensive section of the society possesses compatible devices and cheaper data services to remain glued to the world of internet. The facilities we get through such advancement are massive as compared to people of the older generation but every good thing has its shortcomings too.Related image

The cases of bullying do not include any particular reason behind them; it only depicts the mentality of narrow-minded people who find ways to harass people for no cause. It seems they enjoy doing it and thus hurl derogative comments at others to pull down their public image. These forms of trolls occur mainly through comments on pictures or post on such platforms from its users, to anyone and everyone, no matter how popular one is.

How can these actions be controlled?

Well, we know “every lock has a key,” and so there must be ways to control the actions of the ones who try to abuse us online. First of all, we should be well aware of the privacy options in every such social media platform. There are options where one can make his or her social account private to only those who are known to them; others remain privacy protected in these cases. Apart from it, many IT cells are working day and night to make the internet a better source of productivity rather than just using it for lame purposes. These firms come with advanced protection features which can be enabled to protect the data to be issued by any commoner other than the ones with whom you want to share it.

While healthy trolling is sometimes decent, it becomes a worrying sign when the trollers cross their limits. In bike accident cases, the accident attorneys (get more information here) comes to our rescue to provide justice to the victims. Likewise, the cyber judicial department also strives to make our internet experience a better one with growing times.Image result for The Era Of Faster Technology

The Final Take

Bullying has always been the subject of concern for ages. We can find bullies almost everywhere, even in the educational institutions also. So, it’s quite surprising to see them on the social sites, where targeting people are made more accessible through the means of technology. It is more natural to troll people on social media because you are not present physically in front of them, and unless you take any action against the perpetrators, there is no harm done to them. Even if people do good things, then also these trollers find ways to backlash them with derogatory comments.

There are cyber cell branches that operate regularly to catch the culprits and hand over them to the judicial custody. Like we have accident injury attorneys (you will get more information here about them). Similarly, there are cybercrime lawyers to take care of the online harassment cases that the victims register against the abusers.


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